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Watch the Dirt-Trapper video on YouTube

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Official Dirt-Trapper Mats

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NEW Dirt-Trapper Design Mats

Door mats from the official Dirt-Trapper Mats website. Manufacturers and suppliers of the famous 100% cotton doormat.


Dirt-Trapper Mat Dirt-Trapper Mat Dirt-Trapper Mat Dirt-Trapper Mat Dirt-Trapper Mat Dirt-Trapper Mat
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What are Dirt-Trapper door mats?

The Dirt-Trapper door mats are made with a 100% cotton carpet fabric on a nitrile rubber backing that has been uniquely developed with over 40 years of mat manufacturing experience alongside the professional laundry and cleaning industries.

We are so confident that the Dirt-Trapper door mat will perform above and beyond other mats and will endure continuous, regular machine washing that we give it a 5 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Trade Enquiries

What are the Dirt-Trapper benefits?

Basically cotton is one of the most absorbent natural materials available (cotton will hold 3 times its own weight in water) hence its extraordinary ability to soak up wet muddy dirt, making it the perfect material for use as a door mat surface. Imagine how effective a thick cotton bathroom towel, it draws moisture from you when you use it, the cotton doormat works in exactly the same way, drawing moisture from passing shoes and paws.

Dirt-Trapper is absolutely one of the best products for stopping and trapping dirt and moisture at the door, and in turn protects your expensive carpets, tiles and wood floor coverings from tracked in contaminants, as well as reducing your need to clean the floor in your entrance area.

Still not convinced?

Our mats are the only Dirt-Trapper door mats to use 100% cotton in its surface construction. We give you the widest available choice of colours and a choice of latex, rubber or new pure-white backing. If you have any queries regarding our product please call: 01204 70 50 70 and speak to our friendly staff. When strategically placed Dirt-Trapper door mats are extremely effective in reducing your need to clean - saving you time and money!

What's wrong with other doormat types?

Cheaper door mats use unsuitable fabrics that repel rather that absorb moisture - this can render the mat a 'dirt donor' rather than a 'solution'. Many cheap disposable door mats also claim to be washable, and indeed, in some cases you may be able to wash them a couple of times, but in many cases they will probably corrode, crack, fall apart, fray etc., due to unsuitable face or backing materials such as PVC.

Dirt-Trapper door mats are fully machine washable at 40°C and are also designed to withstand the rigors of tumble drying, making maintenance easy, saving time for you.

We are confident that once you've tried our genuine Dirt-Trapper door mats you'll be extremely satisfied with their years of performance and that means years of easy maintenance and clean floors.

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