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Why Natural Cotton Mats?

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Why are Dirt-Trapper mats made with a natural cotton pile?

Fact: Cotton absorbs three times its own weight in water, making it the most absorbent common occurring fibre.

Think about the areas in your home where the containment of water is important, the kitchen or bathroom perhaps. Think about the products used there, cotton towels, cotton bathrobes, cotton floor towels, in each case cotton is the natural choice due to its excellent absorbent properties.

As we step from the shower we step onto a natural cotton towel and without wiping our feet the water is readily absorbed, as we towel dry the process is quick and effective, without the absorbency of natural cotton this would be a different story.

It's easy to imagine the same scenario using a polyester, nylon or even a rubber towel ...Disaster. For this reason Dirt-Trapper floor mats are made with a thick natural cotton pile, just like a thick absorbent cotton towel for the floor and, like a thick cotton towel, they begin absorbing moisture and dirt from the moment they're stepped on, well before you begin to wipe your feet.

However, unlike a cotton towel our Dirt-Trapper cotton mats have a lay flat non slip rubber backing that stops the mat sliding around, the backing prevents the floor mats from scrunching up when exposed to successive footfall. You'll also notice that we don't sell white cotton Dirt-Trapper mats. Instead the Dirt-Trapper is designed to hide the build up of dirt, the flecked colour options really do disguise the build up of dirt so prolonging the intervals between washing, reducing the amount of maintenance required whilst remaining effective at keeping water and dirt out of your home and off your floors. Once they're ready to be cleaned simply fold and pop them into the washing machine, wash at 40 degrees centigrade then tumble dry ...easy ...then they're ready to go straight back on the floor, saving you valuable time and freeing you up to do something more enjoyable.

Why natural cotton mats

Cotton compared to other Fibres:

Natural cotton is one of many textile fibres available but it has a number of environmental advantages over alternatives:

1) The growth of natural cotton is powered by sunlight - simple. Other fibres require large amounts of energy to produce the fibre, even those derived from biological sources.

2) Wool requires 4 times more land to produce the same quatities and silk requires 20 times more land for the same output.

3) Fibres based on bamboo and corn also require intermediate processing which in turn require extra processing energy and addition chemistry to convert them to the Rayon type fibre.

4) As a natural fibre cotton has obvious advantages when compared to petroleum based synthetic fibres. Unlike synthetic fibres cotton is energy self sustaining, and doesn't contribute to green house gases and global warming, infact it helps to consume them.

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