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Dirt-Trapper Mat Sizes

Dirt-Trapper mats are available in a range of standard sizes as illustrated.

Standard door width
75cm is the perfect size for fitting inside the width of a standard door, available in Small, Medium and Large for 2, 3 or 4 step dirt control.

Double doors
The Large 75 x 150 mat is perfect for double door entrances when turned through 90 degrees.

Door clearance
Our mats are 7mm (1/4") thick - if you can fit a standard pencil in the gap between your door and the floor then your Dirt-Trapper mat should fit no-problem. Try this in both closed and open position.

Size tollerance
Our Dirt-Trapper mats are constructed using natural cotton fibres with a Nitrile rubber backing and as such are subject to size variations. We operate a manufacturing tollerance of ±5% to all sizes quoted.

Weight wash limits
All our standard size Dirt-Trapper mats are designed to be washed in domestic washing machines. However, we do advise you check with your machine manufacturer for the weight limitations of your specific appliance as some mats can be heavy when wet.

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