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Dirt-Trapper Backing

Why use Multi-Grip rubber backing?

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Dirt-Trapper Multi-Grip Backing

Why Multi-Grip?

Our Multi-Grip rubber backing is designed to be used on any floor type.

Flexible rubber construction gives excellent slip-resistant properties on smooth, hard floor surfaces such as tiles, linoleum, hard wood or laminate flooring.

The 'Gripping Cleats' molded into the surface gives the mat stability on carpeted and other fabric floor types, anchoring the mat to the floor to reduce movement. Please note some fabric surfaces work much better than others, a medium depth looped pile surface being the best.

Why Rubber?

There are many backing types, but few have the superb properties that rubber has to offer.

In addition to the obvious gripping abilities explained above, rubber is especially good when it comes to washing.


Dirt-Trapper rubber backed mats are designed with function foremost in-mind.

This functionality is so good, we are proud to give the Dirt-Trapper Mat a 5-Year guarantee.

BEWARE! of Latex

We DO NOT use cheap Latex in our Genuine Dirt-Trapper Mats® as it is an inferior material type. It does not have the same stay-flat properties as rubber, nor does it have the same durability to withstand repeated machine washing and tumble drying. Laundry grade, nitrile rubber is specifically designed for this purpose and out-performs latex in every test.

Please remember this when comparing prices, there's a good reason why Latex is cheaper.


We DO NOT use PVC in our Genuine Dirt-Trapper Mats®. PVC is a cheap alternative to rubber and is no match for the superior slip-resistant properties and machine washing durability that laundry grade, nitrile rubber has.

Even if you don't buy your door mat from us, we advise that you check very carefully that your mat is not constructed with PVC or Latex backing, unless of course, you are happy to send it to landfill after just a short period of use.

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